Freshers’ Fairs

Coming to university opens the door to a world of opportunity. There is no better place and time to discover a new interest – or develop an old one – than right here, right now.

NTU’s Clubs and NTSU’s Societies are a vibrant mix of sports, arts, niche interests, culture, faith, games, politics – you name it, we’ve got it. If we haven’t, you can always start your own!

Joining a club or society is a guaranteed way to meet new people while taking part in the things you enjoy. At the Freshers’ Fairs, you’ll have the chance to see exactly what’s on offer, meet the students, ask questions and see what takes your fancy.

Why not surprise yourself by trying something new?

Get yourself along to the Freshers’ Fairs, 87 societies and 59 sports clubs are waiting for you…what will you find?

Freshers’ Fair dates: 

Monday 25 September – Brackenhurst Freshers’ Fair

Tuesday 26 September – Clifton Freshers’ Fair

Wednesday 27 September – City Freshers’ Fair – Sports

Thursday 28 September – City Freshers’ Fair – Societies